At 12:15 PM on 28 January 2015, I got a call from (+61) number. My phone screening a name of my sister who went to Australia last year with her husband [He studies Master Degree under the scholarship from Australian government]. We had talked for “5 min 50 sec” about the money transfer for preparing my marriage ceremony next March.

“My 4 months [part time] wage is sent home for the wedding preparation and gift parents for Khmer New Year 2015.”, She said.

“That’s a big money, USD 3075.61 [AUD 4000] !!!” I told her by phone.

“That’s for our family, not only you !” She replied.

Sister to Aus 7 March 2014

Taken off sister to Australia on 7 March 2014. @Phnom Penh Airport

My heart is melt to hearing the gift from her. It’s a second times that she gift me such a big help.The previous big gift was transferred in 2006, when she was studied in French and I was able to paid for my university fee. She is the frame star in my family. Even she is a bit nasty, but we realized that she is a good one. Big thanks my sister !!! I know the parents will be very happy than me to hearing that news.

This is a family, no matter how you got angry or mad each other but you will never alone in any circumstance because your family is the one who care you the most.

P.S. In fact, I don’t want to disturb her about my wedding ceremony because I realized that she will not hesitate to gift me such a big thing. When she called home last 1st January and we had celebrated a surprise birthday party for mother, I did not tell her about the wedding. Last week, I told her …

Birthday Party of Mother 1 Jan 2014

We had celebrated a surprise mother’s birthday party at home on 1st January 2015. A happy party ever !