Sound a good start to be a famous one, after Pchum Ben 2013 I got more than 60 liked from Facebook users and many comments in a recent photo of me, dress up like A Jar – An old and respected man in Buddhism to be aware of Buddhism theories and blessing.

The photo located in Wat Prek Anh Chanh, was taken by iPhone 4S mobile camera, upload on Instagram and share on Facebook. My Facebook friends and respected men were mentions about the dress and my style. They were analysis photo in a good way and warm words such as the dress is matched yours, A Jar Pheak, Can you spell and blessing ?…

Thank you for all comments and your thump likes.

On Pchum Ben Day 04 October 2013, the big day of 15days spirit festival, I went to Muk Kampol district, Kandal province, have lunch at my friend home where my friends and I often met when special occasion. I spent last stand in Wat Prek Anh Chanh for closing the ceremony. Totally, this 2013 Pchum Ben, I went to 4 pagodas for offering food and stuffs to the monks dedicate to my ancient and reduce my sin in the past. I went to Wat Prek Pra [Ben 3], Wat Phnom Ta Mao [Ben 10], Wat Oudoravatei [Ben 14] and Wat Prek Anh Chanh [Pchum Ben Day]. The common pray and always, I wish I “meeting only good things and would do good repay.”