Toefle Group-10-03-2013

Pics (from left) : Bo Lo, Sopheak SREY, Boy Kheang, Sopagna Set, Syna Chea, Pich Monny, Horn Botum, Mai Mo

From this week on, I will join a new class at weekend – Saturday and Sunday. The class named, Toefl Group. I learned that the group is formed just to sharing knowledge, experience and prepare for testing Toefl in a real arena. This class is taking in a mobile-places, its depend on available venues from 2 pm – 5pm.

How : There are no professors will be invited to training or lecturing, but many successful candidates who are already passed Toefl or received scholarship will comes and meet us to prepare/do a mock testing every session.

That’s was an interesting course ever ! I will not MISS IT !

Special thanks to Srey Pich, my colleague who introduced and added me into the group. Many Thanks to Boy Kheang for approval on my submission.