I have a nice voice and sometime handsome.  🙂 I tried to apply many positions related to administration post or waiter… but there was not good respond. When I applied for a radio presenter in 2001. My name voice over the TV3 across country and my relative/friends take noticed that “YEAH, He is. ONLY ONE named Sopheak SREY“. 😀

I have learn from natural and basic train to be a specialist for public speaking. I experienced in radio room for more than 5 years.

April 10, 2012 : Mr. Sopheak SREY facilitated a VOC talk show on the topic "The Result of ACSC/APF2012 Statement" at COMFREL Studio. Speakers : Ms. Thina KHUS, ED of Silaka (Left) and Lawyer. SOK Sam Oeun, ED of CDP (Right). The rest, Mr. Jeudy, taking note.

March 19, 2012 - Mr. Sopheak in LOY9 radio show on "Voter 16". Image : We Are Totally 9, Loy9 Team and Sopheak.

February 2-4, 2010 : Mr. Sopheak SREY made a presentation on "Parliamentary Watch" to 27 participants from across Asia (13 Countries) met in ASIA Regional Domestic EMOs Workshop at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

2008 : Mr. Sopheak and Khunneary in a studio of BBC at Radio FM103 MHz. We did live a reproductive health rights issue for CHEMS radio program, named "Especially For You, Young People"

Tip : I adapted to radio talk shows and public speaking coz my destiny and opportunity.