To complete a Master Course, student needs to study at least 5 terms and write a “Thesis” which is a mix of a report on mission to work field and analysis article. Next June, 2012 will be a period for our 4th generation students of Master’s Degree of Land Law to be at fields. Topic will be a map lead us to difference field mission – 3 months.

Last Saturday – December 7, is my Decision Day to confirm a topic for my writing thesis to completion a Master Degree. I have many topics in mind and seem quite interesting for writing thesis yet my advisers warned me that the mission workplace may not easy and follow. Finally, I had submitted a topic on “Lease Agreement” to the committee of my current Master’s Degree in Law under a lecture of Ms. LY Raneath and mission at a Local Law Firm – to be confirmed. 🙂

My master class at weekend is a cooperation course between Royal University of Law and Economic (RULE) and University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 of France. The course specific on land law and land management but I intent to learn about CONTRACT.

(RULE) A group photo of students 4th Generation, Master Degree in Land Law - March 19, 2011

Tip : to choose a Master’s Degree course learners should learn a preferred subject or skill that they’re REALLY LOVE is better and steady develop.